Vintage English

In one of the endless wars between the English-French and The French-French, some little disagreement about the English succession, one of the Blois family, playing for France, and one of the de Montforts, playing for England, decided to settle things by having a 30-a-side match on the field shown in this photo, with plenty of rest breaks during which both sides drank large quantities of Angevin wine.

As you can probably guess from the fact that it is commemorated, and that nobody in England has ever heard of it, Blois won.

The invasion continues unabated.

I stopped in a little village called Loheac to eat an orange and get some shade. In the square I noticed a 1970s Rolls Royce, of the type a pools-winner would have bought back then, with UK plates; behind a panel I could also see a vintage UK number plate and some spoked wheels, but not the car.

As I finished my orange the RR pulled out and proceeded majestically out of town – on the wrong side of the road. Oh dear, I thought. I wonder when he’ll realise.  It looked like Hyacinth Bouquet with her skirt caught in her knickers. I watched, and after about 300 yards there was a panicky wobble as he noticed a truck hurtling towards him, and he managed to save himself.

Shortly afterwards the other vintage car, a magnificent old 1920s racer in British Racing Green, with a bonnet about 400 yards long, pulled out, burbling and grumbling. The occupants were in full period dress, with the driver wearing a leather helmet and goggles. As he passed me I applauded; he offered me a regal wave, like an officer lifting his cane to his batman, and roared off, on the right side of the road, into the sunshine and the countryside.