One scoop or two, Madame?

I was curious to see if the toilettes sèches were what I guessed – composting toilets. 

Indeed they were. This seems very much in the medieval spirit, I think, although I imagine Françoise de Foix would have a lady of the privy council to wield the scoop.

Perhaps someday they’ll replace the toilettes à la turque that you still see occasionally in old French bars, supervised by a ferocious concierge in charge of the scoops.
I like the expression la petite commission versus la grosse.

5 thoughts on “One scoop or two, Madame?

  1. Gross but not really that much different from our own, off-mains, arrangements down here in Cornouailles! Nice ‘photos ‘though…..

    1. Give it a try! I checked petite et grosse commissions in my dictionary to see if they were common expressions, and they are. For la petite they say uriner, whereas they explain la grosse as aller à la selle, which seems appropriate for a cycling trip.

      Crossed the Loire just after lunch, now resting briefly in a shady bar. Should reach Saumur in about 3 hours and a bit, then get the train backwards to Angers, since that’s the nearest I could get a hotel, then resume from Saumur in the morning.

  2. A friend has a composting toilet in a bit of woodland that she and her husband manage. It now has instructions in French!

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