Hormis la chaleur…

I noticed an electronic sign yesterday reading 31 degrees, and today it has apparently been 33. This is quite tiring to cycle in.

Cycling through the Touraine has been very enjoyable though. It is like textbook France. The village of le Grand-Pressigny where I stayed last night is lovely, prosperous, full of middle-class arty types like a guy in the bar with a well-brassed Leica M9 I chatted to about photography for a while. I think he wanted to be thought of as a Magnum photographer, or maybe he is one, but he had the pose to perfection. 

I would emulate him, but I don’t have enough hair to sweep my sunglasses through in the approved way.

I stopped for a Perrier and a coffee at a bar a few km outside, and it was straight out of la vielle France. With lovely original counter, floor tiles, chairs etc. They had a large faded black & white photo of the interior from the 30s? 40s? I couldn’t tell. But nothing had changed. Even the bar stools were the same. 

I have start thinking about how to be in Avignon on Saturday. I won’t be able to get there in time by cycling, so at Vallon-en-Sully (which is where my next set of maps are) or Vichy I’ll have to get a circuitous train to leave me there, or within striking distance.

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