La Full Montée

A glorious day, short in distance but big in climbing, up to the sources of the Loire – or thereabouts. It’s a 16km round trip from my hotel and I’m too knackered to do it now that I’m in the hotel room. Tomorrow morning I will, when I won’t have to return from the hotel.

The picture shows someone fly-fishing in the Loire at Coubon, which is a nice little place.

I think this is as high as I get on this trip, and from the sources onwards it is downhill all the way to the Rhône. That’s good because I think my bottom bracket may soon give up the ghost.

For the avoidance of doubt, a bottom bracket is part of a bicycle, not part of my anatomy.

One thought on “La Full Montée

  1. And after that you can spend a week sitting on your bottom in a theatre! px >

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