Concorde Toscana CX

I built this bike myself from a new-old-stock frameset that I bought on eBay because I wanted to be able to help myself and others fix things while touring, away from convenient bike shops.

I decided to build a bike from the frame-up that was reasonably similar to my Roberts Audax, but which had a different function. So a cyclocross bike is ideal – it’s an off-road bike with a similar geometry and style to a road bike. The main differences in the finished result are that the Concorde has cantilever brakes and a double chainring, whereas the Roberts has caliper brakes and a triple. Everything else is more or less the same, although of course riding them is very different.

From my point of view the project was very successful in that I am now confident of doing any repair while touring, provided I have the right tools, or can improvise. It may not be to a professional standard, but it’s good enough to get me to the next professional.

I have since stripped it down again and used most of the components to build the Spa Audax. I’ll probably sell the frameset and remaining parts.