This bicycle originally came from a vélociste called Lionel Depecker, whose shop was in Gravelines, near Dunkirk.

I wanted something pre-1987 for l’Eroica Britannia, and to use as a winter commuter to save my Roberts, so I bought it on eBay, stripped it down, cleaned and serviced the parts, replacing what was needed, and put it back together again. 

It’s essentially a low-spec racing bike, but like many French bikes of the period, it rides really nicely. The tubing appears to be Diamant 102; the sticker is difficult to read, but seems to match what I find on the web

From what little I can find, it seems to be a stock tubeset that vélocistes could buy, paint, badge and build up as their own.

Here’s a similar sort of thing – same tubeset and lugs. This guy thinks it’s the same sort of tubing as Peugeot’s Carbolite 103, which is entry-level stuff.